A New Brew


About two weeks ago, a shooting and fire occurred one right after the other. In response, local cafe, Five07 hosted a concert with TOHS alumni, Cole Supples and Alyssa Hernandez, along with Radio Rebels, a local band, to support the Thousand Oaks community. The performers already planned on performing but due to the incidents that occurred, they shifted their mentality to support the community.

“First it was set-up as a normal gig where I come by and sing for an hour but then the shooting and fire happened. I wanted to do something extra and use my art to help heal the community,” Cole Supple said.

Despite the havoc, the community has responded with an outpouring of support, which Five07 continued in this event.

“Our community is so supportive and loving towards each other and as long as we stand together and stay strong, we can conquer and overcome anything,” Alyssa Hernandez said.

Five07, located on 2036 E Avenida De Los Arboles, Thousand Oaks, is a cafe founded by owners, Sean and Amber McCarthy, who wanted to create a place where students can hangout.

“We both grew up in the area and there was nothing like Five07 in the area. [We] wished [it] to be at a spot where we could hangout in highschool and college and so we decided to make it happen” Sean McCarthy said.

The cafe is aimed to be different and fun for both friends and family.

“Five07 seeks to be a creative and social space where people can come together whether it’s in the morning or night. Our mission is to follow the five steps of the creative process which are inspiration, buildup, resistance, overcoming, and collaboration in hopes to move everyone closer to their best life” Sean McCarthy said.

The cafe is open from 7:30-midnight all seven days of the week. They offer coffee, tea, smoothies, and various foods ranging from toast to crepes. They also have seasonal menu items, a coffee roast of the week from various countries, and special events such as open mic nights.

In the future, they hope to grow imaginatively and open up opportunities for artists.

“We definitely want to move forward on a creative aspect by inspiring more writers, artists, painters. We have open mic night the first saturday of every month, live music from local artists, and other special events” Sean McCarthy said.

Ultimately, Five07 is a great place for friends and family to meet up at an artistic spot and enjoying music, games, and food.