“You” Hits the Charts

“You” a popular show on Netflix is hitting the top 5 in the charts. It is ranked number three in the Imb rating, right behind The Witcher and The Outsider. “You” was released Sept. 9, 2018, but wasn’t on the charts until this year. Netflix has released two seasons so far, season two came out Feb. 2019 and season three will be released in 2021.
The show is a thriller about a stalker played by Penn Badgley, who will do anything to get into the life of a girl he is in love with, Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail. He goes to extreme measures to be in her life and become a part of it. It uses phycological horror seeing through the eyes of the stalker instead of the girl who is being stalked. He does some terrible things but you get the concept of why he does them, from watching his life.
It is based on Caroline Kepnes’s book “You” published in 2014. It was released in over 19 different languages. The book and the show had a common rating of about an 8 out of 10. Similar to any book copied to make a show or a movie there are a few differences but advents are kept very similar.